Outdoor Skills


Camping Merit Badge

Camping is one of the best-known methods of the Scouting movement. When he founded the Scouting movement in the early 1900s, Robert Baden-Powell encouraged every Scout to learn the art of living out-of-doors. He believed a young person able to take care of himself while camping would have the confidence to meet life's other challenges, too. BSA Merit Badge.


Chess Fun

Checkmate! Learn how to be a worthy opponent on the chess board by exploiting weaknesses, overloading, removing the defender, and much more in this fast paced class. Just for fun!


Chess Merit Badge

Checkmate! Learn how to be a worthy opponent on the chess board by exploiting weaknesses, overloading, removing the defender, and much more in this fast paced class. BSA Merit Badge.


Cooking Fun

Learn basic sanitation rules and safety procedures in cooking. Learn fun recipes you can try at home!


Cooking Merit Badge

Learn basic sanitation rules and safety procedures in cooking. Then, put your meal planning and cooking skills to the test. Impress your fellow scouts with your skills on your next campout or hike. Treat your family to a yummy meal. This is a partial completion merit badge. BSA Merit Badge


Dance Fun

Learn to do the "Cotton Eyed Joe" and "The Electric Slide"- maybe even a little "Gangnam Style" on the side. Make it happen at your next dance and show others how to get it done!


Disc Golf

A game in which a concave plastic disc is thrown into each of a series of metal baskets situated on an outdoor course, the object being to complete the course using the fewest possible throws.


First Aid Merit Badge

Do you know what to do for a compound fracture? How about the difference between heat exhaustion or heat stroke? Learn this and much, much more. You must bring requirement 2d from home (First Aid Kit). BSA Merit Badge.


First Class Requirements

Complete a whole bunch First Class Requirements over the summer. From knots, to first aid, to internet safety, have fun while getting closer to earning your rank badge! This is partial completion only.


Fishing Merit Badge

Learn from one of our fishing nuts how to rig and cast. Try to catch a bass. We encourage campers to bring their own poles for the week. BSA Merit Badge


Fish’n Fun

Just good ol' fishin' in the Lagoon- bring your own pole or borrow one.  


Flag Football

Flag football is played with 9-11 players wearing two flags on each player. The flags are attached to a belt. It is illegal for anyone to attach the flags so they will be unable to come loose when pulled on. To stop advancement of the ball carrier, you must pull one of the flags off and drop it on the ground. Touch football is played when the defensive player uses one or two hands to tag the person with the ball on the back. It illegal to push, tackle or trip players with or without the ball.


Gaga Ball

Ga-ga (lit. "touch-touch") is a variant of dodgeball. The game combines dodging, striking, running and jumping with the object of hitting opponents with a ball below the knee while avoiding being hit. The game can be played by groups of individual players, teams and in one-on-one matches. The game may sometimes be referred to as "Israeli dodge-ball".


Geocaching Merit Badge

Learn how to use a map, compass and GPS to locate caches! Set up your own account at www.geocaching.com and let the adventures begin! BSA Merit Badge.


Harvard Club

Engage in the finer points of life, play various lawn games including badminton, croquet, ladder golf, and more.


Human Foosball/Ping-Pong

The game takes the tabletop version of the sport to the max and makes it closely resemble the sport it originated from, soccer. Campers will also enjoy ping-pong matches as well as the traditional tabletop version of foosball.


Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Personal fitness is an individual effort and desire to be the best one can be. Regardless of their current levels of personal fitness campers will be in learn how to get in better shape, feel better about themselves, have more energy, and gain self-confidence in their overall abilities. BSA Merit Badge
*This is partial completion only*


Sports Fun

Join the fun in one of your favorite sports - basketball, volleyball, kickball and 4-Square.


Ultimate Frisbee Fun

What happens when you mix frisbees with golf and football? Take Ultimate Frisbee Fun to find out! 

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