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Chemistry Merit Badge

How does a Cartesian Diver work? What happens when you place an iron nail in copper sulfate? Learn the answers to these mysteries, how to use chemicals safely, and much more in Chemistry.

Some research is required.

BSA Merit Badge.


Energy Merit Badge

Saving, producing, and using energy wisely will be critical to America's future. If we are to leave future generations with a world in which they can live as well or better than we have, Scouts and other potential leaders of tomorrow must begin the hard work of understanding energy and the vital role it will play in the future. BSA Merit Badge.


Environmental Science Merit Badge

While earning the Environmental Science merit badge, Scouts will get a taste of what it is like to be an environmental scientist, making observations and carrying out experiments to investigate the natural world.

BSA Merit Badge


Insects Merit Badge

Observe live species of insects in their habitat. See how insects are different from all other animals, centipedes and spiders.

BSA Merit Badge


Nature Merit Badge

Birds, mammals, reptiles, plants, OH MY! Get to know them all so well!

Must complete ONE of the following as a prerequisite: Requirement 4a or 4d or 4e or 4f.

BSA Merit Badge


Photography Merit Badge

Beyond capturing family memories, photography offers a chance to be creative. Many photographers use photography to express their creativity, using lighting, composition, depth, color, and content to make their photographs into more than snapshots. Good photographs tell us about a person, a news event, a product, a place, a scientific breakthrough, an endangered animal, or a time in history.


Pulp & Paper Merit Badge

Learn about the pulp and paper industry. Describe how paper is made. Discuss how paper is recycled and then get gooey by making your own sheet of paper by hand!

BSA Merit Badge


Reptile and Amphibians Merit Badge

Children have always been interested in snakes, turtles, lizards, and alligators, as well as frogs and salamanders. Developing knowledge about these captivating creatures leads to an appreciation for all native wildlife; understanding the life cycle of a reptile or amphibian and keeping one as a pet can be a good introduction to natural history; and knowing about venomous species can help Scouts to be prepared to help in case of an emergency. BSA Merit Badge


Robotics Merit Badge

If you could build a robot, what would it do? Learn to program our Mindstorm NXT robots to do your bidding. This is an intense and fast paced class.

Research is required.

BSA Merit Badge.


Space Exploration Merit Badge

Build a rocket and launch it into space or at least 150' up into the sky. Learn about space study and dream of working at NASA.

BSA Merit Badge.


Wacky Science Fun

Explore the scientific method with explosions, gooey sliminess, and much more. We try a different science project every day!

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