• All aquatic related classes require campers to pass the BSA Swim Check.
  • There are 3 designations for our campers:
    • Non-Swimmer
    • Beginner Swimmer
    • Swimmer (Camper must attain "Swimmer" to participate in lake activites to include: paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, sailing, catamaran sailing, mortorboating and water sports)
  • This is an assement of your camper's swimming abilities according to BSA Swimmer Requirements. This is not a Pass or Fail test, just an assesment and the camper can retake the Swim Check again at any time during the week.  
  • BSA Swimmer Test Requirements


Learn to Swim Beginner Swim Lessons

This class is designed for campers who enjoy getting in the pool, but don't know how to swim like a fish.  Our staff will help each camper move past the doggie paddle to master basic swim skills and water safety.

Canoeing Merit Badge

Learn to use a "J Stroke" and self rescue techniques. Campers will learn canoeing skills for a lifetime.

Must have BSA Swimmer Classification.

BSA Merit Badge.

Catamaran Sailing Fun

Experience the thrill of hitting top speeds on a 18' catamaran as you help your captain navigate Doctors Inlet.

Must have BSA Swimmer Classification.

Kayaking Merit Badge

Wish you could kayak the St. Johns River? Hone your kayaking skills here at camp. Campers will receive basic kayak orientation, safety, stokes, and rescue techniques so they can paddle away for a good time.

Must have BSA Swimmer Classification.

BSA Merit Badge.

Lifesaving Merit Badge

Are you ready for some lifesaving? This is a hands-on class that will show you how to be successful in an emergency situation. You will learn in water rescues, first aid, CPR and more!

Must pass BSA Swimmer test.

BSA Merit Badge.

Motorboating Merit Badge

Think you are ready to captain your own boat? This is a hands-on class that show you how to safely maintain, maneuver, and moor a boat from our fleet.

Must pass BSA Swimmer ability. Age restricted to 14 years or older. Must complete Boater Safety Course before camp to finish this merit badge. $15 Activity Fee

Open Swim

Splash, dive, or relax with free time in the pool.

Paddle Craft Fun

Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and stan up paddleboarding around the waterfront and take short paddle to explore the Ghost ship. Campers will receive basic safety and skill instruction then paddle away.

Must have BSA Swimmer Classification.

Pool Time Fun

Play Marco Polo, Noodle Races, Diving Races, and so much more in this fun class of organized pool time fun! 

Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge

Master the winds and sail away! Captain your boat with a partner and learn to sail an Aquafin. In this intensive class future sailors will spend 2 hours each day learning to get around the inlet on their own.

Open only to 11 year olds and above.

Must have BSA Swimmer Classification.

BSA Merit Badge.

Standup Paddleboarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP), (Hoe he'e nalu in the Hawaiian language) are sports originating in Hawaii as an off-shoot of surfing. They enable surfers to paddle farther into the ocean than is typical or to paddle standing up as a sport unto itself.

Swimming Merit Badge

Did you know that you can use your pants as a flotation device? Try it out and a whole lot more in our swimming class! Must have long pants to complete requirements.

Must have BSA Swimmer Classification.

BSA Merit Badge.

Tubing Fun

Try to ride out the pain our Motorboat drivers dish out. Hit the water on one of our Airhead tubes and take the ride of your life.

Must have BSA Swimmer Classification and be 10 years of age.

Water Sports Fun

Try wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding, or slalom skiing. Try all four of our watersports by the end of the week!

Must pass BSA swimmimg test. Must be 10 years old.

Water Sports Merit Badge

Water sports are a fun and exhilarating way to enjoy being outdoors while developing strength, coordination, and fitness. By developing experience with water sports and practicing good judgment, Scouts will gain skills that will serve them well for a lifetime and have extreme fun while they do. BSA Merit Badge.