Drop Off & Pick Up


Drop Off - morning

  • Drop off begins at 8:00am, campers will pick up their name badge on the side of the camp office.  Parents can ask any questions at drop off to the camp administration, campers will find their team leader at the amphitheater.

  • Follow the signs and please come to a complete stop before ejecting campers out of your vehicle.
  • Opening ceremonies begin promptly at 8:25am.
  • Campers arriving after 8:30 am must check in at the office with a parent.
  • If a camper is late (after 8:30am) his/her class may start without him/her. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Pick Up - afternoon

Step 1: 
Know your pick up group:

Group A: Voyagers (6-8 years old) and any camper that car pools with a Voyager.
Group B: All  9-11 years old who DO NOT carpool with a Voyager. 
Group C: All 12-14 years old not carpooling with anyone younger.

Step 2:
You must have an official group decal in your window. If you do not have one please go to the office before getting in car line. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Step 3:
Maps and Signage will show your way. Start your engines at 4:35 pm and be observant of your surroundings!


Early Pick Up

If your camper is scheduled in any activity on the lake, please notify the office at least a 1/2hr before their class is scheduled to begin.

Boats WILL NOT be turned back early for a camper to go home.
Please help us deliver the best program possible for all our campers by planning early.



How do I visit camp?

We do not allow parents to accompany a child during the camp day. If a parent would like to see their child in action, take pictures, eat lunch, etc., you may do so with camp administration approval.

  • All visitors are required to check in at the Camp Office.
  • Government Issued ID required.
  • Participation in activities is prohibited.