Have fun using different types of medium each day to design and create many works of art.

$10 Activity Session Fee

Art and Fingerprinting Merit Bage

Art and Fingerprinting Merit Bage

Art MB: concentrates on two-dimensional art, specifically drawing and painting in various media, including an introduction to design applications in the fields of graphic arts and industrial design, history and design principles, and how these fields relate to fine art.

Fingerprinting MB: learn about and use an important technique that is used by law enforcement officers, along with other materials like matching dental records and DNA sampling, to help identify amnesia victims, missing persons, abducted children, and others.

BSA Merit Badge

Animation Merit Badge

Perfect your inner artist with a variety of mediums. Make an animation appear more believable: squash and stretch, anticipation, staging, straight-ahead action and pose to pose, follow through and overlapping action, slow in and slow out, arcs, secondary action, timing, exaggeration. BSA Merit Badge.


Basketry Merit Badge

Learn how weave with the best of them. You'll make two different baskets and a really cool camp stool. BSA Merit Badge.

$15 Activity Session Fee.

Duct Tape Craft

Duct Tape Craft

Duct tape is not just for putting broken things back together...it's for FUN! Create neat take home projects to share or give as presents.

$10 Activity Session Fee

Leatherwork Merit Badge

Learn the artistry of leather working! Our handicraft crew will help you through two fun projects of your choice from our Trading Post. BSA Merit Badge.

$20 Activity Session Fee

Pottery FUN

Create amazing works of sculpture by learning how to work with clay by hand and on a wheel.

$10 Activity Session Fee

Wood Carving Merit Badge

Learn to carve wood safely while making two cool neckerchief slides. Choose from a variety in our Trading Post. Must be at least 11 years old and have earned your Totin' Chip (requirement 2a). BSA Merit Badge

$25 Activity Session Fee.